We are local a citizen's group dedicated to improving walkability for all in our community.

Our mission is to be the "one stop shop" for all issues concerning walking; we are involved in the following:
- talking to various partners regarding infrastructure (new bridges, crosswalk upgrades, etc)
- talking to various partners on issues of pedestrian safety
- working with the school district to increase the number of children walking to school
- disseminating information of interest for walkers: activities and events of interest, walking clubs, Jane's Walks, news stories involving people on foot. 

We are 100% volunteer run, and are always looking for new ideas and help in spearheading new initiatives! Please consider coming to one of our meetings and volunteering for a specific task - one person can make a difference, but we’re more effective if a bunch of us work together!

Join our mailing list to be notified of interesting events and of our meetings. We promise: no more than one email per month (well...OK, sometimes it'll be a bit more, but not much more!), and we don't pass on your address to anyone else.  

See our " Events Calendar " for the dates of our meetings.

contact us at