Walking Meetups and Groups

Jane's Walks New Westminster   - organized walks led by community members; starts up in spring. 

New West Walks   ​- a walking group based at the Centennial Community Center - meets every Wednesday at 14:30 for an hour-long informal (and free!) walk starting at the registration desk. Usually starts at Centennial’s registration desk, but check the Events Calendar on this website for details and possible changes to starting location

Century House Walking Club - (no web link) - a walking club for members of Century House (50+). The group meets every Friday morning at 9 am at the 6th & 6th Royal City Mall entrance. The walk schedule is posted on the Century House notice board.  The group uses transit to access various walks in the Lower Mainland.

Meet-Up walking groups near New Westminster  - Meetup is a website where people organize get-togethers for various interests. There are currently no Meetup groups established for walking in New West, but there are quite a few in Vancouver, Surrey, and the Tri-Cities.

​Walk With Your Doc - annual walking event sponsored by the Doctors of BC. The event is usually held in early May, with walks organized across BC. Keep a lookout for this year's events!

Step by Step New West -  Now in its third season, Step by Step is a free 12-week walking program for those affected by Parkinson's Disease and their supporters. The goal of this program is to help motivate people to become physically fit to better combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  A community group leader organizes a weekly walk allowing walkers to meet, socialize and help support one another. See our Events Calendar for the launch date and details (early April 2017).

The Surrey Trekkers walking club, a non-profit, non-competitive walking club for people of all ages.  They do 5km and 10km walks in the Lower Mainland on weekends, holidays and mid-week. Check out their brochures on the community info rack at Centennial Community Centre.  First five walks are free, then it’s $1 or $2 per walk.

The Cameron Community Walking Group , based out of Burnaby's Cameron Rec Center (9523 Cameron St), holds bi-weekly walking sessions : Tuesdays 5:30pm and Saturdays 10:30am. Walks are free and all are welcome!

Maps and Resources

New Westminster Walking Trails

City of New Westminster's links to walking - includes safe routes to schools, and committee links

New Westminster Food Maps - one for Columbia Street and one for 12th Street .

Walkside - a Vancouver-based group that provides detailed Google-like maps of local streets, based on walkability. 

Canada Walks - a department of Green Communities Canada, which is in national organization of community groups dedicated to helping people go green. You can sign up for their monthly newsletter here . Canada Walks has some interesting programs, including:

​ICBC statistics page showing where accidents involving pedestrians occur. You can select New Westminster to make it local.

Steps to Distance calculator - for those without a pedometer

Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke's Walkabout - full of walking resources!

Conferences, international sites

Walk 21  - an international organization promoting walking, sponsoring conferences. The 2017 conference is to be held in Calgary, AB.

Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place - The premier conference in North America for walking and bicycling professionals from the public and private sectors.

Walk Unlimited - UK-based think tank dedicated to removing barriers to walking

  ​Reading Material
City of New Westminster Master Transportation Plan - recently updated, this document outlines the high-level goals around walking in our city. Also on this webpage: other transportation policies and position statements of interest to residents.

City of New Westminster Pedestrian Charter

Victoria Transport Policy Institute - a BC-based think tank with lots of great policy ideas about walking (amongst other things)

Pedestrians First : a short article on planning ideas to help make cities more walkable

A Well Designed City is a Healthy City : a short article on how city design influences health outcomes

Born to Walk, by Dan Rubinstein : a very inspirational book filled with anecdotes about the power of walking, written by a Canadian. Available at NWPL.

Street Smart: the rise of cities and the fall of cars, by Samuel I. Schwartz:  Schwartz (one of the leading transportation experts in the US today) claims that an urban transformation is underway.   The “Street Smart”transformation refers to changes in common travel decisions made daily and weekly in the industrialized world generally and the US specifically.   A car-free future is a myth:  the private automobile is not going to disappear.  But all over the world urban transportation systems are implementing active transportation measures – supporting walking, biking, and transit.  A very readable book. Available at the Vancouver library.

Vision Zero : an excellent video detailing how Sweden and Holland have managed to reduce their pedestrian deaths to 1/3 that of the North American rate. The video gives concrete examples of how to design streets to prevent accidents by slowing traffic down.

Toronto's Vision Zero Plan : Canada's largest city has adopted "vision zero" ideas. Have a look at what they are doing to reduce pedestrian-related accidents! 

That CIty Walk can Kill You : a series of blog posts by Vancouver's noted Gordon Price, highlighting the fact that Vancouver is the pedestrian death capital of Canada. An excellent companion piece to the 8 minute video above .

TED Talk by Daniele Quercia : an interesting take on mapping cities by including human interest, rather than simply using the most efficient route.

What Makes for Good Walkable Places? : a blog post from an architectural perspective

an excellent TED X Talk by Jonathan Cote , mayor of New Westminster, about city design.