Walk New West Challenge
April 3 - May 28 2017

The Walk New West Challenge is now over!

A huge shout-out to all those who participated in our first-ever event - we know it was a big challenge to keep submitting those steps for the full 8 weeks!

We will be rewarding those super-elite teams who submitted their steps for the full duration - we have some awesome swag to hand out, so those team leaders will be getting a personalized email with instructions on how to get their hands on the booty soon.

If you haven't done so yet, please let us know what you thought of the Challenge by taking our final survey, here . Our back-room monkeys will be poring over the results to see how we can improve the event...because...


So keep your walking shoes in good shape, fellow walkers, we are hoping to make the Challenge event bigger and better in 2018.

Meanwhile, it's going to be a great summer for walking, so check out some of the suggestions below to keep the momentum going!

Oh, and - if you have not already done so - please consider joining the Walkers' Caucus email list (see our home page ), to keep informed on all things walking in New West!

Keep on Walking!

Yes, the Challenge is over, but there are so many reasons to walk in New Westminster! 

Here are some suggestions to keep you "in the habit":

  • Make good use of those food maps! We've put them on our website ( here , look for food maps) so you can refer to them at any time.
  • ...of course, there are good food resources in neighboring cities as well! Use Google or Yelp to find businesses in the Burnaby Kingsgate area, or on 6th Street into the Edmonds area (north end of 6th street), along East Columbia (Sapperton), and even further afield along the SkyTrain line.
  • Speaking of SkyTrain, take a trip along the new Evergreen Extension into Port Moody. There are at least 3 microbrewers, a fine yarn store, and a beautiful oceanside park within easy walking distance of the Port Moody station! And check out the public art at Burquitlam Station on the way!
  • There's the weekly Royal City Farmers' Market to visit, every Thursday afternoon in Tipperary Park (next to CIty Hall). It has been going for quite some years and now runs the occasional Winter Market in the off-season as well!
  • Be a tourist in your own town this summer! New Westminster has some awesome museums , some of them free! Check out the City's website for more info. If you are into art, check out the New Media Gallery , which is free, and always has interesting exhibits. 
  • Haven't been to Queensborough in a while? Check out the most amazing dyke walk - perfect for cyclists, too! - here . For walkers, the best section of the walk is at the point of the island, facing the Quay. The upgraded Q'boro bridge gives safe access to 22nd Street Station (and the cross-town Greenway through New West).
  • For those of you into heritage, our City is blessed with many beautiful homes. The City's website has lists (various grades of protection) and maps . There are also resources from the New West Library, here .
  • join the Commuter Challenge , which runs from June 4 - 10.
  • check out the Sapperton Day Street Festival , June 11.
  • check out the New West Grand Prix , which is on July 11 - but you can walk this bike route to see where the world-class cyclists will be racing!

The Leaderboard for Week 8!

For purists - those who count really only the steps actually taken - check out the top actual steps walked!

For those who love those bonus points, the combined score is what you want to concentrate on!

You can view the full scores and standings by downloading the documents using the buttons below. Have fun comparing your team's performance to others!

note: it looks like some teams are not reporting their steps correctly, but our monkeys in the back office cannot do math either, so please don't complain to them! We do try to filter out the obvious mistakes, but in the end this is an honour system!

You might see your team's name in the standings twice. Because quite a few teams submit their steps late, we've decided to include them in the "current week's" standings, just so the teams can see how they are stacking up!

Top Actual Score This Week

school team:
Ms. Sara Loves Rats!
(Connaught Hts Elementary)​

business/work team:
Phoenix Striders​

general community/RA team:
(community) Walkie Talkies

does it feel like everyone is walking more???
Top Combined Steps Walked This Week

school team:
Ms. Sara Loves Rats!
(Connaught Hts Elementary)

business/work team:
Phoenix Striders

general community/RA team:
(community) Walkie Talkies

cashing in on those bonus points can move you up!
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