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The 2018 Walk30 Burnaby New West Challenge! 

Walk30 Burnaby New West is a spring walking challenge to inspire people to walk more, to increase wellness, to  make connections to the local community, and to re-think how we get around. You can use either a watch, or a fitness device to keep track of daily walking minutes, then post them online, and watch them add up over the course of the challenge!

This year, we will celebrate the end of the Walk30 Challenge on May 12 at Edmonds Community Center, with food, music and prizes. 
March 12                 Registration opens! 

April 9 - May 11      Track online and see your minutes add up.

May 12                    Celebrate with other walkers at Edmonds Community Centre, 10:00 - 12:00
Frequently Asked Questions
 This year's ​Walk30 Burnaby New West Challenge is open to everyone!  Burnaby and New Westminster are challenging people to walk at least 30 minutes a day for better health—and both school districts are joining in! The registration is a little different for community members and for teachers & classrooms; details below.

Community Members

How can I participate ?
It’s easy! Walk on your own or with a team for friendly competition. Every minute of walking counts—even to the bus stop. Use a watch, phone or fitness device to keep track of all the walking you do during the day. Add up the total number of minutes you walk each day and post it to the online tracker, which you'll access via this page. You can also use fitness devices to track and post to your online record automatically. 

How do I register ?
Online registration opens March 12, right here on this page! Registration will remain open until April 28. 

Can I register on more than one team ?
No. However, if your teacher registered your class as a team, you can also participate as an individual or join a community team.

Do I have to live or work in Burnaby or New Westminster to participate ?

Do I have to walk every day ?
No. You decide how often you walk each day or each week. Just remember to post your daily minutes to the online tracker within three days of walking. It should only take a few minutes to log on and post!

Teachers and Classrooms

How do we participate ?
Teachers will keep track of the minutes walked as a group each day and post it to the online tracker. For example, if 22 students take a 30 minute walk together, you post 30 minutes (i.e. the average, not cumulative, total). You do NOT need to log the minutes of individual students.

How do I register my class or staff team ?
Teachers will register a class team online: enter the school name in the First Name field and the teacher’s last name in the Last Name field. Registration will open March 12.

Can students and teachers participate with their families or teams outside of class ?
Yes. Because school registration doesn’t identify individual students, they can also register as a community member and track the walking they do outside of school!

How much of a time commitment will this be ?  Do we need to walk as a class every day ?
You decide how often you walk as a class, and you do not need to walk every day. You have three days to post the daily average minutes walked to the online tracker. It should only take a few minutes to log on and post!

How will students get recognized for participating ?
Each student will receive a reflector strap. They can also come to the Wrap-up Celebration on May 12 and enter draws for t-shirts and other prizes.
Do I need special permission from parents to participate in this event ?
No, outings count as walking field trips and all students should have a walking field trip form signed.
Why should we participate ?
Participation in the Walk30 Challenge can be part of the curriculum! Here are some examples.
Physical and Health Education Curriculum: Meet your daily physical activity requirements.
Mental health: Mindful walking reduces stress and anxiety.
Support Place-Based Knowledge: Build stronger connections to community.
Daily Calendar Routine: Chart how the total minutes add up during the challenge. 
Languages: Keep journals of everything you see on your walks.
Art: Ask students to draw things they see on their walks.
Communicating Student Learning: For teachers who use CSL, it’s a great opportunity to post photos and videos of your students in the community.
Post, Share and Connect with others on social media. Tags and handles will be posted on this page on March 19.
Environment: Opportunity to discuss the natural, social and built environments while on walks.
...and, last but not least, children behave and learn better when they go outdoors!
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